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We believe in innovation for all. So we bring you the offline course series, currently exclusive to the people of Indore region.


The ideal course for beginners to understand sensors, components, and programming of Arduino by learning the interfacing for each of the components with it.

This course is your ticket into the world of Arduino. You will work on basic to advance level interfacing of sensors with practical exercises on key technologies.

Arduino is intended for an artist, tinker, designer or anyone, interested in playing with electronics without the know-how of complex electronics and programming skills.

ARDUINO (Wheeled)

Small four-wheeled bots are fun to build and play with but offer a new set of challenges for the beginner. With the addition of two more motors, you add several problems, one being more power is needed.

This can mean more or larger batteries or at least better batteries.

Next, your motor controller choice is a lot more important. You don't want a power thieving h-bridge taking anymore power than it really needs to. That being said, you don't want one that can't supply the current needed for all the motors either.

ARDUINO (Wheeled with Integrated PCB Design)

You will learn how to develop the development board for ATMEGA 328 Microcontroller, similar to as that of Arduino.

You will get to how to simulate the PCB designs, make their own development boards and circuits for the 4 wheeled bots, i.e. line followers, edge-detector, obstacle avoider and controlled-bot and will get to learn the complete PCB designing and Arduino coding and bot development.

App Development (Android and iOS)

Those of you with no prior experience in coding may still be wondering precisely what Xcode or Android Studio’s role is when it comes to development… what is an IDE anyway?
As an IDE then, Android Studio’s job is to provide the interface for you to create your apps and to handle much of the complicated file-management behind the scenes. The different languages you actually write are Swift for iOS and JAVA for Android.

Xcode and Android Studio is simply where you will write, edit and save your projects and the files that comprise said projects.

Cross Platform Game Development

Getting the chance to create your own reality, who doesn’t want it?  Let your imagination run wild and create your own game world, with your rules of Physics and Science. Creating your won avatars and moving them as you wish them to be! Or just bring on all the obstacles you can think of and create the hardest Donkey Kong+Mario. Your world your rules!

The most basic and easy course which will guide you through the basics of JAVA and Android programming as well.

Web Development

Watching the amazing sites of different organizations did you ever wondered how would it be like to create your own site with all those captivating transitions and animations?

Or how about designing those sites for organizations and getting yourself handsomely paid?

Learn with us everything you need to know about web development, including the use of online tools like WordPress, Wix, etc.

We are all about Learning and Innovation.

We are not bound to the Offline courses, our ambition for enabling people technologically supersedes the boundaries of the region. We also provide workshops in various places all over the world. Don't wait up and grab a chance.

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