Platforuma brings you the golden opportunity to get experience and training this summer! 

Learn the most demanding industrial courses with all the working experience bundled in, create your own bots, network connections, automation devices, softwares, websites and much more! Find out below what are the options we are currently offering and #StartPlatforuming!


Become an expert with experience in the world's most powerful open source system and create your own wheeled bots!

  • Learn to use: 1 Micro-controller + 12 Sensors + PCB Designing + Coding (Arduino IDE)
  • Create your own Projects: 6 minor + 5 different wheeled bot + 3 PCB projects
    Fee: ₹3499/-
    Duration: 45 Days


Enhance your tech building skills with the best open source development platform for both hardware and software!

  • Learn to Use: 1 Micro-controller + 14 Sensors + Coding
  • Create your own Projects: 10 Projects
    Fee: ₹5999/-
    Duration: 45 Days


Learn about the latest Internet of Things technologies and learn to control your home devices plus automated functions!

    What you will do in this:
  • Learn to use 2 different Micro-controllers + 14 Sensors + IoT Platforms + Web services
  • Create your Projects on: Complete Home Automation Proto + Data collection and visualizations
    Fee: ₹6499/-
    Duration: 45 Days