App Development (Android and iOS)

Course focus on developing functional Applications for both Android and iOS platforms.

Basic of JAVA and C are required for the workshop as the IDE will be used are Android Studio and Xcode (Swift).

Applications like live location, files sharing, media creation etc. will be developed during the workshop.


File Sharing App with Cloud Sharing (For Android)

App with Login and security (For Android and iOS)


Course Content:

  • Understanding the IDEs of both platforms
  • Brushing up the Basics
  • Learning about the core language platforms
  • Setting up the environment for Android Studio
  • Setting up the macOS on Windows and creating environment for XCode
  • Setting up the virtual and physical devices
  • Creating connections
  • Writing our first simple code for Android
  • Writing our first simple code for iOS
  • Setting up the interfaces
  • Providing device resource access
  • Building simple app with content sharing
  • Building Apps with multimedia access
  • Building apps with cloud sharing and network access
  • Building Apps with Login capabilities
  • Publishing content through apps
  • Getting your app on the App Store and Play Store

What will you get:

  • Certificate of Course Completion.
  • Take away complete modules of the course.


For any further clarifications and discussion please feel free to contact us.