Arduino (Basic)

The ideal course for beginners to understand sensors, components, and programming of Arduino by learning the interfacing for each of the components with it.

This course is your ticket into the world of Arduino. You will work on basic to advance level interfacing of sensors with practical exercises on key technologies.


You’ll design and develop the following projects:

  • Patterned LED glow
  • Streetlight system
  • Range Detector
  • LCD display of data
  • Temperature measuring
  • Fun with motors
  • PCB Designs
  • Temperature finder
  • 5 Wheeled Bots
  • 5 PCB projects
    and many more…

Course Content:


  1. What is Embedded system and Basic Electronics
  2. Introduction to Robotics, Wireless technology, Automation, and IoT
  3. Introduction to Arduino and It’s Application
  4. Introduction to Arduino IDE
  5. Basic of C/C++ language
  6. Introduction to kit
  7. Explanation of breadboard
  8. Introduction to LED
    1. Theory
    2. Circuit Diagram
    3. Continuous glow
    4. Blink using ‘delay’ function
    5. Pattern Blink
    6. Blink using for loop
  9. Introduction to Serial Monitor
    1. What is Serial and Parallel Connection
    2. Introduction to Serial Monitor and keywords
    3. ‘Hello World’ and other print practices
    4. If statements practices
    5. While loop practices
    6. Display of Status of running program
    7. Serial Input from the user
  10. Introduction to LDR
    1. Theory
    2. Circuit Diagram
    3. Automatic Streetlight
    4. Dimmer project
  11. Introduction to POT
    1. Theory
    2. Circuit Diagram
    3. Map function
    4. Brightness Control of led
    5. Led Pattern
  12. Introduction to Libraries
    1. How to install libraries
    2. Adding zip files to include libraries
  13. Introduction to DHT-11
    1. Theory
    2. Circuit Diagram
    3. Temperature monitoring system
    4. Humidity monitoring system
  14. Introduction to Buzzer
    1. Theory
    2. Circuit Diagram
    3. Alarm System
  15. Introduction IR sensor
    1. Theory
      1. Types of IR Sensor
      2. Application and Selection
    2. Circuit Diagram
    3. Obstacle detection
    4. Breakthrough Alarm
  16. Introduction to SR-04 sensor
    1. Theory
    2. Circuit Diagram
    3. Range detector project
  17. Introduction to LCD
    1. Theory
    2. Circuit Diagram
    3. Display of different patterns
    4. Display of temperature system
    5. Display of Humidity System
    6. Display of Range detector system
    7. Display status of projects/programs
  18. Introduction to Motors
    1. Types and Application
  19. Introduction to Servo Motor
    1. Theory
    2. Circuit Diagram
    3. Angle Rotation
    4. Continuous rotation
    5. Input from the user for angle
  20. Introduction to DC motors
  21. Introduction to Motor Drivers
    1. Theory and Pin Description
    2. Circuit Diagram
    3. Clockwise and Anti-clockwise rotation
    4. Speed control of DC motor

Wheeled Bots

  1. Laptop Controlled Bot
  2. Remote Controlled Bot
  3. Line Follower Bot
  4. Obstacle Avoider bot
  5. Edge Detector Bot

PCB Designing

  1. Introduction to PCB Designing
    1. Basic Component Study
    2. Tools requirement and usage
    3. Circuit Designing
    4. Circuit Simulation using Proteus Software
    5. Circuit Design using Eagle/EasyEDA software
    6. 2 Projects of PCB
    7. Troubleshooting

The bots will be designed and coded by the students only at their own. A competitive atmosphere will be provided to them with specific tasks and challenges. Only assistance and support will be provided by Team Platforuma for the development.


Inter-connection of different sensors to make different combined projects depending upon student’s interest. Projects will be made in groups to develop better team skills and coordination’s among students.

Arduino Projects

  • LED pattern showcase
  • Bar graph of LED
  • Smart Trash Can System
  • Smart Doors system
  • Clock Timer system
  • Traffic Light
  • Radar system
  • Obstacle avoiding system
  • Vending machine prototypes
  • Solar Tracker
  • Distance Tracker
  • Temperature alarm system
  • Dimmer show-piece
  • Speed control of DC motor
  • Steering direction

5 different Wheeled Bots

PCB Projects

  • Automatic Streetlight
  • Traffic light
  • Capacitive Touch ON/OFF switch
  • Electronic Dice
  • LED Dimmer

Kit Details:

Kits will be provided at Developmental Labs and have to be returned after the sessions. If anyone wishes to have their own separate kit, one can purchase it either form Platforuma or local Market.

Arduino Kit Content:

  • Arduino UNO with Cable
  • Bread Board
  • LED
  • LDR
  • 10k Resistor
  • POT
  • DHT-11
  • Buzzer
  • IR sensor
  • SR-04 sensor
  • LCD display
  • Servo motor
  • L293D motor driver IC
  • DC motor
  • Jumper Wires
  • Screw Driver
  • Organizers

Kit Cost: INR 1450/-

PCB Kit Content:

  • Capacitors
  • Resistors
  • 555 timer IC
  • Transistors
  • LED Bug strips
  • LDR
  • POT
  • PCB board

Kit Cost: INR 500/-


  • 45 Days [1.5 hours each Day]
  • Fee: INR 3500/- per participant.
  • 15 Days Internship Program* [2 – 3 Hour each] (Not mandatory for all)

What will you get?

  • Certificate of Course Completion.
  • Internship Letter [if Opted]
  • Take away complete printed study modules of the workshop.
  • Platforuma T-Shirt.
  • Free software
  • 1-year free complimentary consultancy on the topics covered by Platforuma for every student.

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*Internship will be provided after a completing a certain set of tasks and depending upon individual’s potentials and dedication.

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